Brother John’s Projects: Foobar2000 Scripting

Requirements and Setup

Software Requirements and Setup

The software requirements for this tutorial are as follows:

I suggest you use a second installation of Foobar2000 into a different folder because we are going to mess up Columns UI’s config completely. Make sure to disable Enable per-user settings and Install for all users in the installer. Otherwise your current config file will be overwritten. After the installation unpack foo_ui_columns.dll from the downloaded archive into the components subfolder of the new Foobar2000 location.

When you load Foobar2000 for the first time make sure to select Columns UI as the interface module.

For writing and analysing scripts I suggest using a text editor with syntax highlighting and only copy & paste the finished script to Foobar2000 in the end. Some users on the forums have even created specific Tagz syntax highlighting modules for a variety of editors including the popular UltraEdit, TextPad and Notepad++. If your favourite editor is not in the list, try its built-in C or C++ highlighting, which should work reasonably well.

Properly Tagged Music Files

As our design relies entirely on the tags of your audio files, a properly tagged music collection is essential. If you’re not familiar with the concept of tags, catching up on that issue is probably more important than beginning scripting right away. A starting point might be the Hydrogenaudio knowledgebase.

For the most part, our design follows commonly used tagging standards. The following list gives you an overview over all the tags used in the scripts.

The special way of displaying full albums depends on the three tags %album%, %tracknumber% and %album tracks%. All album tracks must have all of those or the design will break. At the same time single tracks must not have all three of those tags. Furthermore %album artist% is strongly recommended for proper display of VA albums.

Of course you absolutely need not re-tag your music collection just to follow those guidelines. Changing the scripts to apply to your preferred tag structure should generally be straight forward and not a problem.